Natural teeth whitening safe drug no side effects 2016

Need natural teeth, teeth naturally white and healthy is a dream of everyone. Siiih Who would not want all these things ???? By having healthy teeth naturally white and you can smile freely to anyone. The more confident you get along with anyone, anywhere.
However, white teeth clean and healthy is not easy to have, even more people the cost is expensive to get all of it. But do not worry, introduced Natural Pemutih Gigi Cleaness And you can get easily, affordable and guaranteed safe to use without any side effects.
Teeth Whitening drug Cleaness And Natural Natural Teeth Whitening Is Most Potent Form Of Liquid Very Fast And Effective Way To Remove And Clean Plaque On Teeth Due to Lack of irregular Cleaning Your Teeth and checked by a doctor.
This drug Made From 100% Extract Fruit Strawberry Pure, Shaped Liquid and Spray Effective Teeth whitening crusty, yellow teeth, bad breath are less savory, which in result by coffein / coffee, cigarettes, alcohol, tea and food and beverages like. Teeth Whitening is formulated for men and women for all ages.
In 1 Package Teeth Whitening Medicine consists of:
  • 1 bottle of bleach teeth 10ml net
  • 1 Spray bottle of mouthwash / mouth odor remover
How to use :
  1. Clean the teeth of the remains of food by rinsing first.
  2. Then dip a cotton bud / Gentle similar cloth into the liquid medicine Natural Teeth Whitening Cleaness And then rub it in tartar, yellow teeth and dental plaques, tuggulah 3 minutes after the gargle.
  3. Use 1 day once in the morning
  4. Do it regularly then quickly your teeth to be white, clean and healthy
  5. The last spray penyegarnya

Bleach safe natural weight without side effects 2016

There is actually way more potent and efficacious To Whiten Agency, Ie Using Pemutih Badan Cream WHITENING CREAM LOTION. But In Store Always Gives Consumers Make the Best That Accompany With Whitening Soap SOAP GREEN TEA SKIN.

Whitening Keizo Where Women Want Visible Invisible Beauty With White Radiant Skin Color And Natural Health. Sometimes Not Little Women willing to spend-In Just To Get Skin Or Board In Overall Looks Over White, Beautiful, Healthy Berseri. Either How Much Cost Issued Only To Perform And Beauty Body Care Face Only. Indeed Has Skin Body Clean, White, Healthy And Radiant Represents Desire Pride And Become Its Own For Every Woman And the main attraction for anyone who is Watching.
There is some method What Do People To Getting the Color Skin White And Clean, Way Prevalent In Do It is the Consults On Aesthetician The Trust however Costs Should Issued It Expensive To Once Consultancy And Redeeming Drugs Provided, But Not Enough Consultation To Aesthetician If Want to Get White. Also keep in mind that doctors Human They are not infallible, There Case Where Cream Doctor One Gives Whole Body Whitening Cream Provided Not Suitable With Skin Patient And this will cause Many disadvantage.
Whitening Lotion Cream Moisturising Cream Is The Loaded With Pure Collagen So Make Your Skin Becomes White Luminous And Protected From Sunlight / UV Direct.
Whitening Lotion Cream Also Contains Vitamin A, E and C that are needed by Skin Tightening To Assist In order to Appear More Beautiful And Avoid Skin Wrinkles (Aging).

Carbopol Gyo, Water, Glycol Dimethycone, polyethlene, Titanium In Oxside, Vit, E and C, Candensed Milk, PPropyl Paraben, Dermawhite, Triethanol Gmlne, Frogrance.

Use Every Day After Shower (At Bath Use Soap Green Tea Available in 1 Package).
Apply Whitening Scrub Evenly Moderation In Part Wanted.
Massage With Soft For a Few Minutes And Feel Usefulness.
Origin: Taiwan
Package Contents: Contents 1botol Cream 135ml + Soap Grentea
Price: 150,000 –

Natural facial bleach safe no side effects 2016

Products Form Pemutih Wajah Natural Herbal Treatment For Your Face Day Night Highly Effective Skin Lightening Face In The Fast And Proven In a relatively short time Your Face The Black Dull Back Bright, remove stains Black stubborn And Eliminate Fast All Kinds Pollution In Your Face Skin, Face Cream Oily Skin Care, Whitening Face It Made Of 100% Natural Herbal Cosmetic Product And It’s Very Safe Used In Your Face 100% Safe Without Side Effects – Tensung Cream Cosmetic .

Benefits And Uses Tensung Whitening Face Cream:

  1. Surface Cleaning And Brighten Your Face The Dull And wrinkled.
  2. Reduce excess oil so as to suppress emergence of Acne On Your Face.
  3. Narrowing can Quickly Pores you.
  4. Lifting the dead skin cells and Replace With Younger Skin Cells / New.
  5. Extremely Safe Used Without Fear Irritation And Exfoliation In Your Face Surface.
  6. Protect Your Face From Sun / Ultra Violet Due In Tensung There is a 50% material content of Vitamin C and Vitamin E.
  7. Making Your Skin Looks And Your Natural White Pun Free From Acne.

How to Whiten Tensung Whitening Face With Natural Face:

  1. In Everyday Life Sometimes the routine Sperti Disibukkanya We Work With Etc. Not Khayal Makes Us Lazy Body Caring Especially Advances Its Unsurprisingly Part The Look of All Persons, Especially Women, As Many People Assessing Beauty We Wajahlah Yang Di See First Kali.Apalagi Skin As a result of the Dull streets Tekena Dust, Oily and Acne Easily.
  2. With Tensung All probem Resolved How Can Advances Its use is very easy:
  3. Cream Color White TAKEN Morning / Day Can Be Used After making Dish Washing Washing Face With Advances Available in 1 Package Tensung.
  4. Cream Color Yellow Used For Evening / Night Also after washing face.
  5. Use Soap Cleanser Existing In one package, either before or after consumption cream.
  6. So Can Use Every Day After Bathing Morning And Evening.
  7. Guanakan Every Day To Get The Maximum Results, And Prove It works Preformance 1 Week !!!!


  1. Morning Cream: Wash face with soap clincher Already Provided After That Apply Face Cream Morning In Moderation No Need Too Thick
  2. Night Cream: Wash face with soap clincher Already Provided, Do not dry with a towel, Dry With Palms. Apply Face Cream Night Pd Tdk Moderation should be too thick.


Tips on How to Eliminate Underarm Fur Permanently

Permanently Eliminate Underarm Fur – For some people may underarm hair is not a problem, but some others consider armpits as a problem that is quite disturbing confidence, especially women. However, there are also some men who do not love their underarm hair is.

Underarm hair is one of the main characteristics of someone growing up, usually during puberty, underarm hair began to grow and is increasingly becoming more and more dense. And in some people, underarm hair is quite disturbing and therefore eliminate underarm hair becomes a choice.

Underarm hair itself is the hair that grows on the underarm area and has its own function. Some functions of this underarm hair such as body armor, a hallmark of maturity underarm hair even believed to prevent cancer risk pay * air.

Even so, for those who still want to remove underarm hair, the following will be below how natural and effective way to remove underarm hair in natural way and also modern. Please be listened to either:

1. How to Eliminate Fur Underarm Using Natural Ways
The natural way to use traditional materials is one of the main ways in great demand because natural ingredients are easily available and also can be made easily, even some natural ingredients have been used for a long time by experts to remove underarm hair without having to use shaving.

How to Eliminate Underarm Fur
Illustration image

Below is the natural way that can reliably eliminate underarm hair along the way megolah material:

1.) Using Turmeric

Turmeric has long been believed to be used in the treatment and care of the body. Even the Indians have long used turmeric as a natural ingredient used to make the skin healthy and bright. The anti-inflammatory and antibacterial in turmeric can nourish the skin. In addition, hair growth can also be prevented by turmeric, therefore the natural way this could be an alternative to remove underarm hair you have:

Material :
1-2 tsp turmeric skin that has been cleaned and washed.
Enough water to be used as an ingredient for pasta.

Processing Method and Usage:
a. Firstly turmeric puree first, then soaked in water and mixed to form a paste.
b. Then apply the turmeric paste on your armpits and rub gently in the direction opposite to the direction of the growth of underarm hair.
c. Let soak about 1/4 hour to dry.
d. Finally clean the dried turmeric paste with warm water.

The use of turmeric can be used to remove underarm hair that has not been sufficiently dense. If the underarm hair that you have already dense could use more natural way.

2.) Using Papaya

Papaya contains enough nutrients, among quite famous papaya benefits that can aid the digestive system of the human body. However, it can also be used as a natural ingredient for abolishing the hair in the armpit.

Papaya contains papain that serves as a deterrent hair growth and also break the hair follicles.

Material :
1 papaya fruit is immature
1/4 tsp plain flour
1/4 tsp turmeric powder
2 tablespoons mustard oil
2 drops of essential oil or lavender
4 tablespoons of aloe gel

Processing Method and Usage:
a. Combine all ingredients in a medium-sized container, then stir until blended and thickened enough.
b. Then apply the material that has been mixed earlier with underarm hair growth direction is from the bottom up.
c. Let stand for about 1/4 hour
d. Then use a clean cloth to clean the pasta sticking to the armpit earlier by rubbed with the opposite direction of the growth of underarm hair.
e. When it is clean, then armpit washed with cold water and then let it dry.
f. Take baby oil or olive oil and use it to massage the skin armpits.
g. To get good results, this treatment can be done 3 times a week and still routinely perform these treatments approximately 3 months.

In addition to the benefits to remove underarm hair, papaya are also able to whiten the armpit area blackened skin and make it smooth.

3.) Using Lime Sirih
Whiting is usually used as a mixture of ancient people to nginang or chewing betel. However, it is believed it can also remove the hair in the armpit as quoted from

Material :
1 tbsp Whiting
2 tablespoons water

Processing Method and Usage:
a. Use 1 tablespoon whiting and mix with 2 tablespoons of mineral water and stir until evenly distributed.
b. Clean the armpit beforehand to clean using soap and then dry with a towel.
c. Mixed solution was then dioleksan the armpit area so evenly
d. Let stand about half an hour.
e. Once silenced, then armpit cleaned using warm towels and soap to thoroughly clean and dry.

This treatment can be done up to three times a week to about one month. If the hair growth has begun to slow down the treatment can be done with rarely a week or two weeks.

2. How to Eliminate Underarm In Modern Fur
Although many natural ingredients that can be used to help remove underarm hair, but the modern way of course faster. Salhsatu modern way which uses razor armpit hair. Of course, modern way will be faster and more suitable for you who have a sufficient budget to perform maintenance. just as the Perontok Bulu On sale Online.


Below is a modern method that can be used to remove underarm hair:

1.) Using Razors
Shaving underarm hair is one of the main modern way today. Shaving activities are increasingly facilitated with equipment sophisticated enough to shave. Below is how to shave her armpits.

a. First you should consider your armpit area, avoid shaving process if there is a wound in the armpit.
b. Use a cream that is specifically used to help shave the hair or if no, you can use ordinary soap.
c. Moisten the armpit until evenly distributed.
d. In order to make it easier when done shaving, underarm hair should be held towards the middle.
e. Then do the shaving process by using a hair razor sharp from the start bottom to top of underarm hair. Repeat step up shaving underarm hair really besih.
f. In case of irritation due to shaving process, first dry your skin and apply baby powder evenly.

2.) Using Laser
Laser is one of the main effective way to remove underarm hair. But the well-known laser with the cost is still quite expensive. Although the cost is quite expensive but the results of this laser will make underarm hair is permanently lost, and this is because the laser will turn off the function of the cells of the hair growth.

If you are really interested in this laser, you can search for information by consulting directly with doctors or experts.

3.) Using cream thresher
In addition to the laser, there are also creams that can make underarm hair does not grow again. If normally after being shaved underarm hair will grow again, unlike the case when using the cream Perontok Bulu .

Although this type of cream is very powerful, but the market price is quite expensive creams. But you have to be careful because of the use of certain drugs usually cause side effects such as irritation and possibly other problems Ensure Buy In Rahma-Farma.Com

Above is to remove underarm hair by mrnggunakan natural materials and modern also use certain tools or cream. You can choose from the two methods above. However eliminate underarm hair might interfere with the function of underarm hair, so it’s your choice, want to eliminate or keep memilihara underarm hair that you ha

Perontok Bulu yang Alami Tanpa Obat hasil Permanen

cara hilangin bulu alamiPerontok Bulu yang Alami Tanpa Obat hasil Permanen – bulu ada yang suaka tumbuh biar terlihat keren ada juga yang merasa terganggu, tetapi kita akan membahas merontokkan bulu permanen tanpa obat. yuk kita korek dulu apa penyebab tumbuh bulu.

Bulu tumbuh tergantung pada faktor hormonal seseorang, sehingga ada sebagian orang yang memiliki bulu lebat dan ada yang tidak memiliki rambut sedikitpun.
Tumbuhnya bulu ketiak juga bisa disebabkan oleh tingkat seksual, Jadi biasanya yang memiliki bulu rambut lebat tingkat seksualnya tinggi. Tapi bukan berarti semuanya begitu hanya saja rata – rata seperti itu
Karena masuki masa puber sekitar umur 18 – 20 tahun

Adanya faktor genetik yang diturunkan secara turun temurun

Terlalu sering mencukur rambut juga bisa menimbulkan tumbuhnya bulu yang lebih lebat.

Tempat Bulu sering Tumbuh

  1. Wajah
  2. Tangan
  3. Kaki
  4. Ketiak
  5. Kemaluan
  6. Punggung

Jika dibiarkan pasti cuku mengganggukan maka dari itu saya akan memberikan beberapa tips dibawah ini,

Cara Menghilangkan Bulu Secara Alami

1. Pepaya
Pepaya merupakan buah yang aktif mengandung suatu enzim yaitu papain. Papain mampu mencegah pertumbuhan rambut. Bukan hanya itu pepaya muda juga membantu membuat bulu halus yang ada pada tubuh menjadi tidak terlihat dan membantu proses pengelupasan pada kulit. Pepaya ini sangat cocok ini untuk anda yang memiliki kulit yang sangat sensitiv. pepaya paling pas buat menghilangkan bulu ketiak yang keras dan kasar.

Caranya anda hanya tinggal menyiapkan pepaya yang mentah lalu tumbuk atau blender. Setelah itu campur dengan sedikit bubuk kunyit . Campur hingga merata tempelkan pada ketiak dan diamkan hingga 20 menit sampai pastainya mengering. lalu bilaslah dengan air. Jika dilakukan secara rutin pasti akan dapat menghilangkan bulu ketiak secara permanen.

2. Kunyit
Kunyit dipercaya bisa menghilangkan secara kekal, bahkan kunyit merupakan suatu bahan yang sudah digunakan diindia dari zaman dulu. Kunyit memiliki kandungan antibakteri dan antiinflasi. Caranya sangat mudah sekali anda tinggal mencampur beberapa sendok bubuk kunyit dan tambah sedikit susu lalu diamkan sampai kering. Setelah itu cuci dengan air hangat.

3. Lemon
Persiapkan gula untuk dicampur dengan lemon. Lemon dapat membantu menghilangkan bulu wajah. Walaupun tidak menghilang setidaknya bisa menyamarkan bulu pada daerah sekitar wajah. Hal ini disebabkan oleh lemon yang memiliki kandungan untuk memutihkan sehingga bulu rambutpun tidak terlalu terlihat. Caranya campur 2 sendok gula dengan dua sendok teh lemon lalu tambahkan air 10 sendok. tempelkan pada wajah lalu diamkan sampai mengering sekitar 15 menit.

4. Madu
Madu ini akan kita gunakan untuk menghilangkan bulu kaki yang terlihat kurang indah. Ketika madu dicampur dengan lemon dan gula akan menjadi bahan perontok rambut yang buatan tangan sendiri. pasta madu tadi bisa dijadikan sebagai lilin untuk melakukan waxing.

5. Putih Telur
Kita sudah taukan putih telur bisa memutihkan, nah sekarang kita akan memakai putih telur ini untuk menghilangkan bulu tangan. Saya sendiri sangat setuju untuk yang satu ini, Jadi anda membuat campuran putih telur, 1 sendok gula dan tepung jangung. Kocong hingga menjadi sebuah pasta setelah itu oleskan pada tangan anda dan diamkan sampai mengering. Setelah kering tariklah pasta tadi, pasti bulu bulu halus akan ikut terangkat.

6. Tawas
Untuk pria ataupun wanita yang punya kumis, anda bisa menggunakan tips ini untuk menghilangkan bulu kumis. Dipakistan campuran tawas dan air mawar biasa dipakai untuk memberantas berbagai macam bulu yang tidak diinginkan. Caranya pertama anda hancurkan terlebih dahulu batu tawas.

Cara yang Biasa dipakai untuk Menghilangkan Bulu

Kalau yang diatas itu cara menghilangkan bulu secara alami, yang ddibawahna ini cara menghilangkan bulu agar tidak tumbuh lagi,

1. Mencukur Rambut
Pasti hal ini sudah tidak asing lagi bukan? namun kali ini saya akan memberikan sedikit tips ketika mencukur rambur agar tidak tumbuh lagi ataupun agar tidah menyakiti kulit kita.
Lihat apakah anda memiliki bintik bintik akibat mencukur rambut dengan sembarangan
Pakailah krim atau sabun cukur, pastikan semua bagian yang ada bulunya tertutup krim
Peganglah kulit anda dengan kencang agar tidak menimbulkan ruam
Lakukan pemcukuran dari mulai titik terendah sampai titik teratas perlahan – lahan.
Bersihkan menggunakan air hangat
Sekarang lihat apakah masih ada bulu yang tersisa
Jika terjadi ruam segeralah pakai bedak bayi

2. Menggunakan Krim Perontok Rambut
Untuk anda yang gak pengen ribet anda tinggal membeli krim merontokan bulu, Sekarang sangat banyak sekali brand kosmetik yang mengeluarkan krim ini, sehingga anda tidak perlu repot – repot membuat sendiri.

3. Waxing
Waxing itu kaya perekat gitu deh, jadi kaya plester. Bagusnya saat akan melakukan proses waxing gosok terlebih dahulu memakai tangan hingga strip waxingnya mejadi lebih hangat. Tempelkan pada bagian yang berbulu, lalu lepaskan lagi. Pasti nanti bulunya bakalan nempel – nempel diperekatnya. Tapi kekurangan proses waxing ini bisa menyebabkan iritasi pada kulit.

4. Menggunakan Bedak
Sama halnya seperti mencukur rambut pada point pertama, namun untuk yang ini tidak menggunakan krim atau sabun, hanya saja ketiak atau bagian yang akan dicukur harus dalam keadaaan kering lalu taburi dengan bedak tabur yang halus. Biasanyasih pakai bedak bayi. Ini adalah pilihan yang sangat baik untuk menghilangkan bulu rambut karena mengurangi iritasi pada kulit.

Pada dasarnya semua tips diatas bisa menghilangkan berbagai macam rambut yang dianggap mengganggu, jadi bebas mau memakai tips yang mana, Hanya saja ketika dipakai untuk menghilangkan bulu kemaluan anda harus sedikit berhati – hati karena bahaya kalau sampai terluka di perlukan obat perontok bulu yang aman untuk kemaluan anda.

Sudah dulu ya artikel untuk hari ini mengenai  ” Perontok Bulu yang Alami Tanpa Obat hasil Permanen ” jangan pernah bosan untuk membaca berbagai macam tips kesehatan dan kecantikan. Sebisa mungkin kami disini akan memberikan yang terbaik dan berbagai macam hal yang bermanfaat untuk anda sekalian. Terimakasih telah berkunjung, jangan lupa minta jempolnya ya.

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